The source of UWork Blog is The Work Strategies Company. The mission of my work is to help people reclaim control of their personal ‘career power’, make strong and conscious choices about work and career, and to push through all the obstacles to make positive career change happen. Every coaching process is customized to the client’s individual goals and preferred style.

Within corporate settings, my intention is to help leaders re-engineer their leadership effectiveness. Building respectful and honest work communities is not easy in our fast-paced and multi-generational business environments. The closer every leader can get to providing each individual the opportunity to share talents, skills and ideas in an environment that fosters integrity, teamwork and joint rewards, the more success and fulfillment will be gained for all.

The Work Strategies Company also offers corporate sponsored executive coaching, management development training programs and team facilitation services. If you would like to discuss corporate programs or executive coaching, please call Terry Del Percio at 978.282.8900 and set up a time to talk about your needs.

Please visit our website at http://www.workstrategies.com


3 Responses

  1. Terry! I loved your Twitter blog and it has propelled me to launch into it – and not think – as you suggest. That led me here, – and want to tell you this is a great blog site. You are an inspiration.

    • Hi Susanna – thanks so much, yet I think it is YOU who is the inspiration with all of the creative and substantive work you have done (and are doing) with your women’s groups and the Heroine’s Journey. Glad you are now a tweeple. I must go find you and follow you right now.

    • Hi Susanna – thank you so much for your note and for your encouragement to keep my blog going. You are very kind. I’m glad the words are a little bit of a help. Thanks again! Terry

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