Book Review: Job Searching with Social Media (for dummies)

I’m back. The truth is that I couldn’t keep up with my blogging over the summer. I was too too busy. Okay – I said it. 

I would still be putting it off except for the fact that I made a deal with Joshua Waldman, founder of Career Enlightenment, that I would write a posting on his newly published book Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies (I have always hated the name of these books – couldn’t they just leave off the “for Dummies” part?)  

I admit it – the book is pretty good. How do I measure this? Well, subjectively of course. But I also consider if I’ve learned anything new within the first ten pages. Yes, I did. I also consider whether the majority of my clients could benefit from the book. Yes, they can.

Here are some things to consider:

  • More than 80% of recruiters use LinkedIn.
  • Fifty percent of hiring managers determine whether a particular candidate’s personality might be a good fit for their company just by taking a look at the person’s social media presence.
  • Simply Hired lists not only job openings, but lists who you know on Facebook and LinkedIn from the companies you are interested in.

    Thomas L. Friedman

In the Sunday New York Times on August 13, Thomas L. Friedman wrote a column entitled  A Theory of Everything (Sort of). In it he said

…globalization and the information technology revolution have gone to a whole new level. Thanks to cloud computing, robotics, 3G wireless connectivity, Skype, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, the iPad, and cheap Internet-enabled smartphones, the world has gone from connected to hyper-connected.

This is the single most important trend in the world today.

If you don’t believe this, you are in trouble. Big trouble. Unless, of course, you are independently wealthy and don’t give a dam about what’s going on in the world. Of course, Thomas Friedman’s column has a knack for sounding simple yet touching on very sophisticated concepts.

But let’s get back to simple.

If you are unemployed or miserable in your current job, my humble advice is that you need to pay very close attention to social media and start learning how it impacts you as fast as you can.  Jump in. Discover the value of these tools. It’s important.

If you’re feeling a little cocky because you  ‘know how’ to use LinkedIn and are on Facebook, think again. There are ways you could (and should) be utilizing these tools that are changing as we speak. And they can be the difference between landing a job and not landing a job.

Have you used LinkedIn to search for job postings, to follow companies of interest, to research a company you are interviewing with, to request an introduction to someone who works for your target organizations, to learn how many people your target companies have hired in the past three months?

Did you know that Twitter gives you access to people you would never have access to without it?

So back to the book – Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies.

Joshua Waldman

More than likely, you will already know many of the tips in this book. I’m guessing that it’s just as likely that there are more tips that you don’t know yet.

Here is another interesting thing I learned from this book:

  • Plaxo, which has over 20 million users, is not really a social media network, but a venue for managing contact information.

Two very useful chapters, among others, are Uncovering the Hidden Job Market with Twitter and Using Facebook as a Job Hunter.

Note: Parts of the Personal Branding 101 chapter has information that you’ve probably seen a thousand times before (defining your life’s values, what are you most proud of, your 75th birthday toast, identifying your passions and interests) but it never hurts to review those things. Skip over them if you are bored.

Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies costs around $13.00 on

Is it worth this small investment?     Absolutely.



Terry Del Percio – visit my website at


8 Responses

  1. Hi Terry,

    What a fun book review to read – Thanks for sharing this 🙂

    This book definitely sounds like a worthwhile read for any job seeker or person who just wants to make sure they are keeping up with the times in terms of social media and their personal branding (although I agree with you – it should lose the “dummies” part of the title).

  2. Congratulations on being asked to contribute to Job Searching with Social Media – I’m leaving the “for Dummies” part off, because I agree with you in that respect!

    One point I’d like to make is that regardless of whether people know or don’t know the about the tips that they’ll find in this book – the big key, as we all know, is to activate those tips.

    As an aside, I see that Dorlee is here, too. *waving*

  3. Thanks Marianna – You are absolutely right….it doesn’t matter how many tips we learn about anything if we don’t activate them!!
    Thanks for reading & commenting.

  4. I have to admit that it took me a while before I managed to get the most out of the social networks. At first Facebook and Twitter were something teenage girls used to gossip so I haven’t dreamed about using them for business.

    And look at it today!

    • Hi Donna – a few years ago, if anyone would have told me I’d be using Facebook and Twitter, I would have told them they were crazy. Then I attended a business workshop and the facilitator said that if we weren’t on Social Media we were acting like dinosaurs and would be left behind. I started exploring and now I just completed a Certificate Program for Search Engine Marketing. I am fascinated with social media and the power it holds for communications and reach. Amazing. Thanks for your comment.

      • I absolutely agree. I am aware that the ways of cmmunication are changing very fast and that we have to keep up if we want to save our business and stay in pace with the world!

        Wow! That Certificate is a really good idea!

    • Hi Donna: I just noticed your post and wasn’t sure if I had responded or not. (from way back in February) It took me a while to believe that social networking had real value when it comes to networking and job searching. Now that I have spent time investigating and using it, I feel very differently. Not only does it have great value if utilized appropriately, but it’s fun! Thanks for your comments. ~terry

  5. Thanks Donna. I totally agree. These days EVERYTHING in life seems to be changing faster and faster!

    Best wishes,

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