Outside the Circle

As strange as it may sound, when it comes to reinventing ourselves, sometimes our friends and colleagues are likely to put up obstacles rather than help us move towards change. They usually don’t do it intentionally, but they tend to reinforce and preserve our “old” identity. This very identity might be the one we are trying to leave behind.

Changing the nature of our work is also about changing the relationships that are front and center in our professional lives. Although we may hang on to very close relationships with a few colleagues and friends, we need to find people who will help us see and grow into our new selves.  Every career change requires social support.  New and even distant acquaintances will help us push off in a new direction.  Look for these people on the outer edges or outside of your existing networks.

Have you reached out to anyone outside your safe network this week?  Have you had a conversation with someone who has made a similar transition to what you are thinking about?