Just Breathe – Keeping Your Cool in the Midst of Chaos

The pace of life can be overwhelming.

Add to that the state of the economy and the stress of financial burdens or of unemployment lurking like a shadow in the darkness…the result can be a disconnection with our true nature or essence.

Think this is silly?

I know  cynics out there  think references to our true nature (or whatever term you like) are ‘new age nonsense’, but I insist on persevering.

If you are not grounded in your connection to your own center of being, you will find the process of job search or career transition even more difficult than usual. If you are not grounded, you are more likely to be controlled by stress and this will most certainly effect your health in a negative way. There is scientific evidence of this (in case you need a metric).

If you are a leader in an organization right now, but are out of touch with an interconnection between yourself and the world…you may find yourself living a superficial life that can be shattered very easily.

We must find ways to reflect and find connection. Not connections through the internet or with our constituents (although these may be wise from a business standpoint) – but a deeper connection with something bigger than ourselves.

Many executives and professionals are turning to meditation techniques to find some calm in the midst of never-ending stress. Others are learning yoga. Many turn to nature to find connection.

How do you find it?

Stay tuned. More to come.



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