Networking Meeting Squashed by Perfume

Networking is a lot about giving back. I keep myself in check, always trying to be open-minded. But perfume stuffs up my head.

I met with a woman,Trina (not her real name) who was networking today. She was entrepreneurial, smart, talented, experienced and knew exactly what she wanted. I admire that.

Unfortunately, I was so distracted by the smell of her perfume that I could not pay close attention to Trina’s quest for a particular company contact. I’m not joking.

I had a headache within 2 minutes of our meeting. I couldn’t concentrate. I just wanted fresh air.

Guess what I will remember any time I hear her name?

Please, do NOT wear any perfume (or powder, or after shave lotion) while networking or interviewing. You may think it smells delightful, while someone else might want to chase you out of the room.

It’s not worth ruining a meeting over a smell.


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