Job Search Blues – Networking

Barbara told me that she has exhausted her network. She said “I’ve contacted everyone I know, and I’ve had many informational meetings. It’s not working. Nothing is happening. I haven’t gotten any interviews from my networking.” Barbara was convinced that she no longer could use networking as a key element in her job search.

I suggested we write a list of every networking or informational meeting she had in the past 2 months. Barbara came up with five specific situations where she actually met with someone and three phone conversations.

In Barbara’s mind, she had a lot of meetings. In my mind, she had only scratched the surface.

It takes a lot of time,energy and planning to really network. It often feels like we have been networking our butts off, when in reality there are many more connections to be made.

If you are feeling like you have exhausted your network, get specific. Who have you actually met with? What did you talk about? Do you have a spreadsheet to keep track of all meetings and conversations? Have you followed up with everyone? Have you attempted to try to help your contacts?

Networking is not really an activity that you can ‘cross of your list’ – it’s ongoing and it becomes more effective the longer you do it.

Survival in the business world today depends upon keeping your network alive, giving back and staying connected. Whether you are in the job market or not, if you are not networking, you are doing yourself a huge disservice.


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